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Pest Control in Texas


Insect Control in Texas








License # TPC-14001

Licensed & Insured

Texas Insect/Pest Control



Texas Insect / Pest Control Solutions misting system sprays a gentle mist of safe water-based green insecticide from strategically placed misting nozzles, creating a insect free zone around your house, barn, horse barn, cattle barn, tennis court, shed, shop, garage or any other structure that you want to keep insects out of.


The Automated Insect Misting System eliminates mosquitoes, flies, spiders, ants, chiggers, dirt daubers, wasps, gnats, scorpions, and most every insect or bug we have here in Texas.


Our Texas Insect Misting System controls more than 300 types of insects. The insect misting system automatically starts controlling insects the same day it is installed.


Examples of where the Texas Insect Misting Pest Control System can be installed.

  Hot Tubs
Dog Kennels
Loading Docks
Livestock Holding Pens
Auction & Market Barns
Summer Camps
Fruit & Vegetable Stands
Outdoor Restaurants and Bars
Tennis Courts
Swimming Pools
Veterinarian Clinics
Horse Stables
Sports Fields
Landscaped Yards


About our Misting System:

Our trained insect misting system installers mount tubing, fittings and nozzles under the eaves of where you want your insect free zones to be. We can run underground tubing to reach areas that are away from buildings. The Texas Insect Misting System sprays a fine mist for about 30 seconds at pre-programmed times, usually between dusk and dawn when spiders, mosquitoes and other insects are the most active. The insect misting system are also setup so you can manually activated the misting system before planned outdoor events or parties.


What People are saying about the Texas Insect Pest Control Misting System:

“We have 2 insect misting systems in our horse barns and they do a great job at controlling unwanted insects and we have had wonderful service from Texas Insect Control Solutions.” 

 Mike East-Santa Fe Ranch-Edinburg, TX



“We have used insect misting spray system in our horse barn for over 20 yTexas Pest Controlears and have never been unhappy with the system or the service for 1 day.” “We added a insect misting system to our home 2 years ago. We used to carry a fly swatter with us to the back porch to keep the flies off of us, now we don’t have to. It is fly and mosquito-free!”

 Bill Sciba-Victoria, TX.


The bottom line is Texas Insect Misting System protects you, your family, and your pets from the bites and stings of insects  and you can enjoy an insect free yard, patio, pool, and barbeque area.




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